Hi-Potion: A member will recover 70 HP after drinking one, they are available in Chapter 2. If you feel like torturing your enemy further (even if the AI cannot feel emotions), you can cast Stop Movement to halt him in his tracks, then Stop Action. Using the mime is all about strategic placement, and it can truly become a headache if he mimicks an action undesirable to your intentions. to encourage players to train up their female units in physical attack-based Jump+3: Allows you to jump 3 times as high as normal. dealt enough blows to kill them all. The orator is typically a status ailment-inflicting class done in an interesting way: by talking. It’s a pity you can’t equip both, otherwise it would make the summoner a magical dream come true! It’s somehow… entertaining… Instead, opt for Flare for absolute power without worrying about elemental properties. Uses 8 MP. The potions have immediate effect, they can be used long distance, and the amount healed is fixed. Uses 8 MP. Arithmeticks allows the unit to cast spells based on the two conditions that she activates dance at a sufficient frequency, your other units would have No abilities to learn! first fully-controlled battle at the Academy grounds. arithmetician can probably be the most powerful magic unit if you can buff him If not, this skill can deal as little as 9 damage, even during the end game! While the orator is not the first class to use guns, you will still want to keep him away from the front lines and only advance when there is a chance to put enemies to sleep. Magic Defense up: This is a good support ability for the Zodiac Brave battles, but for the rest of the game it's pretty useless. Be aware, though, that when more enemy units are targeted by summon magic, your summoner will be targeted more. of vertical skill. Being absent from the battlefield during a … If it’s a normal while it may only be slightly, every one breakage is a few hundred thousand gil want to try out! Unfortunately, it only absorbs physical damage, so do take note! He will execute this attack with these weapons onto the space ahead of him regardless whether it has an enemy, it is empty, or… it has an ally! Before more and might even switch to the dark knight job class itself to enjoy his Unnecessary, but more fun and effective than Stop. For magick, summoners are the best. to execute. It’s just a trivia, after all! Of course, the MP cost will be a concern for warrior classes with low Some may want to equip the Bare Handed support skill, but even Wiegraf falls terribly short without his Diamond Sword. When you learn the Horizontal 6 or faced the merciless class of bosses, you are more likely to use Darkness he can do are normal attacks. As for Ying Yang Magic itself, Hesitation (blocks actions) is your staple skill. When you learn Vertical Height 2, this means you can attack his Jump and check the turn list after. This particular skill seems to have the best charge time-damage ratio. Accumulate: Attack power goes up by 1 point. That is because the enemy you knocked down Ice4: Strongest of Ice spells; cannot hurt caster. Characters can freely switch to any primary or unlocked secondary class outside of battle. We hope this has helped you gain more insight on their due to being denied one skill set effective for a warrior job class. Make sure your character has lots of White, Black and Time magics learned to make them your ultimate mage. to land on the turns after those spells. Geomancer attacks aren't very strong, but as a bonus their attacks can cause many status ailments and it doesn't consume MP. Ratings: 6/10Required Classes:– Black Mage Level 3. NAME: Divine Knight OVERVIEW: A knight of divinity who specializes in breaking opponent's equipment with 100% accuracy, dealing quite a bit of damage as well. Chakra: Regain some lost HP and MP using this. Equip ninja the Lions version of the game as I feel the language revamp is truly Let him hang back a bit until your tank draws the : Steal experience points from your enemies. If an ally takes an action that targets only one space away, the mime will also follow, but in the direction he happens to be facing at the moment of his ally’s attack. Then, when you also learn Horizontal 9, this Distance, however, has a percentage chance of failing and forcing you to forgo a chance to move. Magic attack up: Make you magic strength lethal with this. Counter Flood: Counter a physical attack with Elemental. survive several turns, enough to set off two, three or more songs in-between There are better job classes out there. Gil Taking: Steal some money from your enemies. Ame-no-Kumo is more effective than a time mage’s Slow spell. Similarly with the Uses 16 MP. You’ll see your dragoon’s name with Finger Guard: Protects you from Talk Skills. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. in boosting his damage. Uses 20 MP. • These job classes apply to the PSX version only (at the moment) • The following sprites are from VideoGameSprites.net. Yet, the dragoon is unlocked by the thief class. the possibility that they wanted to add another traditional Final Fantasy Also be aware that actions the mime takes can also trigger the enemy’s Reaction Skill, resulting in possibly dead mimes littering the field. Finally, equip your knight with Dual Wield and that doubles your chances to break. Shirahadori to block off practically half of the attacks in the entire game, Sing is a continuous skill that reduces its charge time the more you sing. These are the many job classes of Final Fantasy Tactics available to all characters in the game. Job Requirements: Level 3 Thief. But if you wish to fully explore the game and try out the chemist to its fullest, train up at least one character in this class. Every little bit of MP wasted by enemy mages is worth it! Food evangelist. This is THE class that will help you add a monster or human enemy to your party. That condition is rather difficult to find anywhere, so if you want to end the torture, sacrifice the Prime number skill. because he is in the air. Carbunkle: The Carbunkle's Ruby will cast Reflect on your allies. is basically naked, and must even fight with bare hands. In fact, I might even go so far as to recommend relying heavily on Iaido instead of the black mage’s own spells! Considering that even key characters’ classes like the main protagonist’s can be altered, players are spoilt for choice! of the game, it’s a significant loss because you can steal only one Masamune This can end up looking rather goofy as you deliberately move than whatever secondary skill you set. Ratings: 10/10Required Classes:– Knight class mastered– Black Mage class mastered– Dragoon Level 8– Geomancer Level 8– Samurai Level 8– Ninja Level 8– 20 kills. By turn 20, your units will probably be doing 500 damage per hit with just normal attacks! Learn the Ignore Elevation skill, skill. (Monk with Two Swords could do more damage but speed is generally more valuable than damage above a certain point.) Uses 50 MP. Zombie fanatic. Because it will basically be the same as the bard’s, focusing on either status access short ranges. Summoners do the most damage, but their summons are high on MP cost and have a long charge time. The Sword Saint is arguably the strongest special job in FFT. classes. value of the weapon thrown, the more damage it can do. Uses 24 MP. Unlocking the Dark Knight job class, however, is the most difficult, even when Later in the game they can equip guns, which makes them more useful on the offense, but they still suck. Haste: Speed up your teammates with this. Do remember that in Final Fantasy Tactics, damage. Even its healing Chakra skill! Although learning Cure will be cheap, its effect is still weak, MP is scarce, and timing is still essential, even in the early battles. The same goes for the Faith side of things, whereby higher Faith deals greater magic damage, zero Faith characters receive zero magical damage (including healing! skills that better benefit physical attack-types. His Jump skill will already deal a hefty amount. female units as if they are valkyries! The next skill to learn should be Steal Gil so that he has a skill to grind with. But, as the prospect of stealing is more attractive Chirijiraden: The strongest Draw Out skill; causes lots of damage to the enemy. MP Switch: After an attack, you'll lose MP instead of HP. That’s strong for a mage job class, making the mystic adaptable between supportive and offensive! After the ally casts a long distance spell, such as Firaga on the enemy, blazing all three of them in range, the mime will follow immediately after, as if activating a Reaction Skill, and also cast Firaga on the same targeted enemies, and blazing the same three enemies in range. Level jump 2: jump 2 panels away from your target. Job Requirements: Level 4 Priest, Level 4 Wizard, Level 3 Time Mage, Level 3 Oracle. However, do note that I stress on the white mage’s skills rather than the job class itself. Consider learning Ashura first as it’s the cheapest (of the expensive) If you’re in a really tough battle but can afford to spare one of your characters from the front line, consider the Sing skill to provide an unfair advantage against the enemies – they tend to have the unfair advantage in numbers, anyway! alternate for the dancer would be to deploy Witch Hunt in order to drain enemy highlights. against an army of mages as it depletes their MP and the AI tends not to Do not, I repeat, do NOT cancel the first song! After that, consider going into Sleep and Chicken to put your enemies out of the count for a longer period, and cripple warriors with lowered Brave values. This A beginning job where many other jobs originate from. Cure4: Strongest of Cure spells, heals up to 300 + HP to allies in range. Because the different races have different strengths and weaknesses, some jobs are available only to specific races, while some jobs can be held by more than one race. Samurais are another favorite of mine! WEAPONS: Sword, Knight Sword, Crossbow, Spear ABILITIES/MAGIC: Unyielding Blade/Mighty Sword (PSX): Crush Armor/Shellbust Stab (PSX) - Damage and destroy target's armor with 100% success rate Train: Once an enemy is at critical he automatically joins. It might seem like a very four categories of skills are utmost useful and can be highly beneficial to any close-ranged skills and hinders effective use of skills by most enemies. Someone had the idea to have a weekly discussion about different aspects of tactics starting with the jobs, so I thought I'd kick it off. The Ying Yang Magic skills feature the more commonplace status ailments such as Blind, Poison, and even Zombie. Job Requirements: Level 4 Summoner, Level 4 Mediator. Flare: Use this red-hot spell to end those annoying bosses. quite a versatile character that is capable of going on the offense and being You have a maximum restriction of only 5 units in your team (6, if you include those with a Guest unit), so your thief unit will severely lack the support he requires. doable; learning every spell, especially high tier spells, will take almost an Close. cast the most expensive spell on every unit in the field, the arithmetician Final Fantasy Tactics Jobs: A Class of Its Own, I Heard You Want the Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack. Invitation: Talk to enemies and make them understand your cause. I think you're better off focusing on increasing your movement range rather than using this ability. This job class is one of those that has multiple requirements to unlock. His main saving grace would be his The War of the Lions' new translation was frequently commented upon. He might not survive one If you’re playing Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age (FF12), you’re going to want to know the best FF12 job combos and jobs for each character. Confusion Song: Confuses the enemy. of tapping on the “Wait” command. The biggest downside is that you won’t know when he will land until you execute Elixir: Regain all HP/MP with this rare potion. What's great about this ability is that it has a long range. enjoy more variety and some tactics. You might want to invest Save the JP to learn all the samurai’s other Gilgame Heart: Get money equal to your lost HP after being attacked. have learned all his skills, reactions, support and movements. This job is only available to Adelle after you have completed the quest Through Another's Eyes and have gone to Lezaford's cottage in Aldanna Range, then gone to Zedlei Forest. in team set up. That'll be one less to worry about for a few rounds. Blade Grasp: If your character has a very high Brave, he/she will stop most physical attacks. Life Song: This song restores HP instead. For the geomancer, at least his elemental skills have a In the War of the Lions version, they are available via With the “Act” command grayed out, there’s seriously nothing your enemy can do. While the mime has several other job classes required to It’s a pity the Masamune is difficult to obtain in the game, otherwise the Black Mage would be unstoppable. The Final Fantasy Tactics Job System: A Combinatorics Approach. X-Potion: A member will recover 150 HP after drinking one, available in Chapter 3 and 4. possible, and to a feat you never thought would also kill your own units! Even if you attempt to use an original generic job class and set Honestly, as tempting as Death Sentence is, the enemy still has 3 turns to kill off your units, and the AI won’t need three turns to finish off a party of orators, sans an army of boring orators with a very lucky player. consider the Shuriken and Bombs that are meant to be thrown by the ninja. investing in the samurai’s Iaido skill, note that it is probably the most cloths, which are unique to this class. turns in the game. That is why the job classes to unlock the dancer begin from the Equip Change: Change your equipment during battle. Add your answer. Seriously, though, one would have expected the knight class to eventually unlock the dragoon class, in consideration that both are heavily-armored classes. Equip the best possible light armor and perhaps have an accessory that increases move, increases your defense or gives you Reraise. character into the game. Register yourself as a member of Eyes on Final Fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. this will heal you. you select. are exactly the opposite of Sing skills – where singing increases units’ Speed However, the Knight's abilities are invaluable during the Zodiac Brave battles. as many of the different job classes as possible. One of the few new job classes added to the War of the Lion version of the game, the Dark Knight is reminiscent of Gaffgarion’s Dark Knight job class in the original version of the game (Gaffgarion’s unique job class got renamed to Fell Knight). After going through so much effort to unlock him, all Even if you remove the overpowered guest party… Whaddy I tell ya? before enemies can reach you. After sufficiently witnessing and enjoying his sinister thus resulting you in punching with bare fists, and you cannot set a secondary Some graphics property of Square Enix. Monster Talk: Allows you to talk to a monster, regardless of class. Uses 30 MP. blockaded him in, giving a chance to escape and find sufficient space to Lancers are awesome! Thus, consider slowing down your Will work with White, Black, Time and Yin-Yang Magics. Plus, some 3rd tier monsters can only be breed, not found in the wild, such as the Porky. the AI. Kikuichimoji: A magic attack that hits in 4 directions, similar to the Monk's Earth Slash. This doesn’t make the mystic any less useful, because when your opponent is hitting plain air or dying in a corner unable to save himself, the feeling can be incredible. means you can attack… One space and two heights away, and the 9th space that HP instead of MP to execute skills, and any job class that wields a sword would Uses 60 MP. likely has only two saving graces: the first being the ability to wear all equipment Set your character to sing and just wait it out, and the magic will slowly but surely come, often twice in-between turns, and sometimes even thrice! viewpoint of an enemy mage – there goes his MP! Doing so might get you goodies like Chaos Blades. Geomancy is best utilized only after you purchase all the skills sans Lava (because only one map in the entire game has lava tiles). The chemist job class is your very first essential healer right from your Should you apply Dark Sword skills to Orlandeau, I wonder if he could simply solo the entire game… Note that while the Knight and Black Mage classes are required to be mastered, but without any specified level, they do not need to be Level 8. Equip Armor: Enables a character to equip heavy armor, regardless of class. Polka Polka: Lowers enemy physical power. Slow2: Stronger version of Slow, lasts duration of battle. For every one level of horizontal skill you learn, follow it with one level Well, since Ramza is a necessity in all storyline battles – semi-full dragon party? immeasurably valuable as a magical skill set. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Best Job Combinations? Potion: A member will recover 30 HP after drinking one, use these only in Chapter 1. Haste to give more turns to cast Stop Action, Chicken, Slow, Silence and maybe even Frog! Even though this class is easily unlocked, and unlockable from as early as the second battle, this is one class that can truly change the tide of battles all the way until the end. If you’re a fortunate kind of person, then try to remember what environment will evoke which skill and the status ailment that it can inflict. We know that bosses are inherently immune to status ailments, and if you are unaware of the end game in Final Fantasy Tactics, here’s a slight spoiler to offer: Ramza and party shall face off against several bosses! remaining piece of a particular katana, breaking it via Iaido will mean that You heard that right! Consider having female monks instead as they are allowed to equip ribbons as a third piece of armor, and perfumes that would make your monk all the more independent with buffs such as permanent Barrier and Shell effects. Old, Gold, and Speckled with Platinum Sword Saint. instead. The Jump skill can be complicated to learn at first (in henceforth. maximize the use of Iaido to affect as many enemies or allies as possible, or satisfaction in using Arithmeticks. There are rumors that setting the Onion equipment on this character will boost his stats to a point that rivals even Orlandeau. I'm not a big fan of spells that don't have 100% accuracy. deadly attacks and all too cool-looking, Final Fantasy Tactics’ ninja job class Unlocking one of the two new job classes in the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics is a bit of a chore. 80% chance as they tend to break almost after every use. These eight different conditions are the While facing enemy thieves, they seem to have much effectiveness in battle, often Stealing Hearts of your female units, dealing damage that eventually stack up, and even occasionally stealing your equipment, however, always remember that battles against the AI tend to involve as many as 10 units, and perhaps two or more thieves. Uses 60 MP. I am starting to play Final Fantasy Tactics after about 10 or so years. Uses 4 MP. classes. This is very helpful in the beginning of the game, as it is the only means to restore MP. Kill a monster, take it's fur, bones or hide to a fur shop and get rare goods. gives him high HP and Def, a shield aids in evasion, and swords and knight doesn’t have much in way of anything else, unless you have a wonderful Finally, when you enter the Hunt Shop, pray that you successfully attack, defense, HP and MP, the thief is one of the worse combatants you should Which spells to learn first should really depend on Accurately using a Mime will mean that you… They can fail their miming at times. Uses 6 MP. It may not be all that efficient, though, as you won’t need to renew the effects so often, but if you stop singing and restart the Nameless Song again, you’ll need to face the frustratingly long charge time all over again. is on a different job class and skill set, forcing us to reconsider our tactics Float: Allows you to evade Earth elemental attacks. Battle Song: This will boost your attack in battle. White mages, samurai and Wish are unnecessary. game, from beginning to end, in order to gain that turn advantage. Wall: Gives Protect and Shell to allies, lasts a few rounds. Uses 50 MP. expensive to upkeep. The healing mage; the priest will protect his comrades while dealing great damage to the enemy with Holy. Thus, using a bard can be extremely effortless: set him to sing a song, then have him hide in a corner of the battlefield away from the fighting. I would discourage with normal attacks and zero support skills whatsoever. Arrow Guard: Allows you to evade more arrow attacks. Absorb Used MP: Get the MP used by the spell that hit you. If you have faith in the damage reduction But, again, unless you are confident in winning battles with no healing, Charge +2: Allows you to charge for 2 charge time. As the job class’ name states, it mimicks all of your allies’ actions, unless that copied ally is using a unique job class skill, like Shout, or is a monster. from zero to crystal also requires one turn. So in this guide, we’ll be splitting that up into two lists for easy reading. Uses 24 MP. Don’t worry about spending all the necessary MP, because the black mage wouldn’t have much use aside from his magic. That’s still quite a bit of a downside. Poaching them with the thief’s support skill gives you a chance to obtain some very rare ribbons and perfumes that would otherwise not be obtainable. that the countdown is dependent on that unit’s own Speed value, and counting Ninjas are surely the best at fighting since they have deadly close range and long range abilities. Other than those, I see no other value in the Plus, with Insult: This'll cause your enemies to go berserk. So while a monk can easily bring enemies to their knees, killing them off might be a little trickier. Death, though, is given to the black mage, holy knight and master swordsman, while Death Sentence is given to the monk, orator, holy knight and master swordsman. every job is powerful in their own right, and there is no ‘best class’ that It is in late game when every score of poison damage is equivalent to a normal attack, and that is significant. own units to let the fallen enemy’s counter turn faster. An archer should preferably be fitted with secondary skills to allow him to The following is a list of jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics, featuring in both the original PlayStation version, and The War of the Lions remake. His main drawback is that axes and flails can deal varying damage just like when you use them in weak and almost pointless class, until you reach end-game and realize there are Up: Get more experience than usual. An Axe can easily do PUBG, Fortnite, Whatever-Game fanatic. Adding monsters is understandable, since there’s no other way to get them. What makes it even better is that after a Hamedo attack has occurred, the enemy no longer does their attack. Of course, boss battles and battles with Moogle: Round and round goes the Moogle, restoring up to 80 + HP to allies. Spell Absorb: Drains MP from target. Float: You get permanent Float when you use this movement skill. The hardly worth batting an eye at, thus a low rating of 3/10. Level jump 5: jump 5 panels away from your target. Summon magic is highly visual and involves a huge area of effect that would make many other classes drool with envy. Protect 2: Puts a barrier that halves physical damage, lasts duration of battle. absolutely love the easy battles to come with the dark knight, keep at it! Foxbird: Lowers your enemy's brave. There is still one more feature of the mystic that several people tend to overlook, that is, until High Priest Zalmo stabs you from two spaces away with a painful thrust of his dog-beating rod (Asian gamers, teach our Western friends the significance of this, please!) The time mage is one of those truly effective support classes, and they might Learning every single one of the knight’s skills is fairly Catch: Get weapons thrown by Ninjas. Fire: Attack your enemies with a blast of fire. after defeating an enemy, he revives the same guy immediately afterwards. Lancers are awesome! And they last longer too! attempt to bring her into a boss battle where the battle is likely to be drawn pretty much useless, unless backed up by Iaido or Arithmeticks, both of which Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy Tactics Version 6 ©1997–2020 Josh Alvies (Rangers51) All fanfiction and fanart (including original artwork in forum avatars) is property of the original authors. Helpful in the Deep Dungeon. Set him as your main magic offense character, but always remember that he is still as squishy as any tier 1 and 2 job class. saving grace due to new equipment set having the highest value in the entire A Save: Your physical power will go up after getting hit. Uses 16 MP. They learn stronger spells fairly quickly. Debatable against Elidibs. Although it’s free and cheap, the small damage output doesn’t justify the effort put into it. will be targeted regardless whether he is an enemy or ally or the arithmetician Monks are very strong, but have low HP and defense. Masamune and Chirijiraden. So while this reaction skill might be fun, it can still be very frustrating. Best used against the octopus enemies. Caution: After getting attacked, you'll automatically Defend. Weapon Guard: Block an attack with your weapon. the warrior type powerhouses that got a 7/10 only because his Iaido skill is Great strength and abilities are probably best out of all their jobs. than destroying, the chances of success tend to be ridiculously low. Jump skill essentially requires a charging time that isn’t visible simply after all. Yet another interesting class that can be very supportive, if given enough Related: A Guide to Classes and Jobs for Final Fantasy XIV. Akademy, grinding at Mandalia Plains all the way, and was even successful. Move +1: You can move an extra panel on the battlefield. Their jump attack does a lot of damage. Don't underestimate the Squire's abilities - some could be useful throughout most of the game. The ninja’s Dual Wield Support Skill is perhaps one of the best Support A beginning job where many other jobs originate from. can actually use the arithmetician’s skill. Ideally, you want to gain levels as classes with high stat growths, and then, maybe you want to switch over to a class with high stat multipliers. The targeting system for Jump checks for two things: the This also affects the probability of success in casting status ailment spells, which would explain why he would cast Faith on his mystic underlings that are charging up Hesitation spells (they block you from taking actions). Nameless Dance: Cause random status problems to all enemies with this dance. From early-mid to late game, this class is always valuable. class to work towards unlocking even if you don’t wish to switch out of your They'll mimic their allies' every move, except the special skills such as Orlandu's Sword Skills or Mustadio's Snipe.