Yes. Nectar vs. Bear vs. Tempur-Pedic vs. Purple – Which one is made for you? While the Nectar Mattress offers lifetime guarantees, US Certified foam and a specially designed cooling cover; the Purple brings adaptable pressure point relief, support where you need it and little to no motion transfer when you toss and turn in the night. With most mattresses, the smell dissipates within days. Nectar - Medium Firm (6), Nectar Lush - Medium (5). Within the Purple Hybrid mattresses, the amount of Purple Grid present accounts for most of the differences in construction and price. While Nectar Mattress is superior in motion transfer, Purple Mattress boasts exceptional pressure relief and … Nectar vs Purple Pricing. As a result, we’d highly recommend this bed for sleepers who tend to heat up at night. Pocketed coils give beds a more responsive feel, and allow for cooling airflow. This difference in firmness makes the 13-inch Purple Hybrid Premier a better choice for most lightweight sleepers and a less appealing choice for heavyweight individuals. Returns – Returns are free within Nectar’s 365-night sleep trial. You and the reviewer could have very different criteria and requirements. With white glove delivery, Purple will set up your bed frame and mattress for you and remove your old mattress. Each of these beds offer something different for the consumer, and we think the choice ultimately comes down to the type of feel you’re looking for, and how much money you plan on spending. Nectar vs. Purple - Find out which mattress might be better for you in SleepSharp Nectar vs. Purple mattress full comparison. Nectar Queen Mattress. The Purple and Nectar mattresses are both all-foam beds priced for budget shoppers. Because of the brand similarities, customers might not know how to decide between the two mattress companies while shopping. What’s neat about Purple Hybrid beds is that they contain dense foam side rails to ensure sleepers feel supported around the edges. The Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and Purple Hybrid Premier 4 (formerly known as the New Purple 2/3/4), on the other hand, incorporate both coils and dense polyurethane foam for their support structure, as opposed to just dense polyurethane foam like the Original Purple. Because of the unique top layer,  firmness may differ from a memory foam bed. In Nectar vs Purple vs Casper vs Nolah, take your individual sleep needs into consideration. Nectar vs Casper vs Purple Table. The Purple Hybrid’s Grid measures 2 inches, while the Hybrid Premier has 3 and 4-inch options. Some combination sleepers might think it’s difficult to change positions with such viscous memory foam. First, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a naturally cooler material than foams since it doesn’t trap heat. The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier contain a Purple Grid atop a one-inch layer of transitional polyfoam (2 PCF). How does Nextar compare to Purple? All Purple mattresses should last a minimum of several years, however. The more reviews a product has, the more reliable the average score can be considered. Its flagship mattress, the Purple Mattress, features the signature ‘Smart Grid’ comfort layer made from buckling-column gel and an elastic polymer grid. Purple sells the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier, two coil and foam hybrids that have different price-points. Find who is better Nectar or Purple by comparing their prices, warranty, Home trials, thickness, firmness & more. Customers must break in a mattress for 30 nights before they can initiate a return. Highly conforming mattresses can inhibit movement and make changing sexual positions more difficult. You do sort of nestle into Nectar enough to where your hips and shoulders receive good pressure relief when you’re on your side, so we definitely recommend it to side sleepers. It is going to be close between these two. Hybrid mattresses are known to be more durable and long lasting, since coils do not change much over time while memory foam can develop body impressions. The Nectar Lush costs about twice as much as the Nectar. Overall, we are big fans of Purple and it offers a completely unique experience for consumers. Warranty – Nectar offers a lifetime warranty. The Nectar’s support core polyfoam is 2.2 pounds per cubic feet (PCF), which is high-density. Your bedroom’s size and shape might also impact which mattress size you choose. The support core of the Nectar Lush measures 7 inches compared to the Nectar’s 6-inch support core. Because of the difference in firmness, heavyweight sleepers will prefer the Nectar over the Lush. That said, there is a vast spectrum of quality when it comes to both polyfoam and memory foam, and budget prices are available. If so, Nectar is the clear winner. Both brands offer completely free returns. However, there is one big factor that kind of makes or breaks the mattress and that’s whether or not you like the feel of memory foam. Nectar Firmness: Nectar mattresses are the ideal medium firm, rated between 5.5 and 7. So all in all, we think the new Purple mattresses are a viable option for couples. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. That’s good news for couples who like to have their own space and not cuddle throughout the night. They will also haul away your old mattress if you no longer want it. This mattress from Nectar is a great option for sleepers who change their sleeping position through the night. Nectar offers white glove delivery and old mattress removal for $149. Manufacturers promote cooling by engineering airflow into mattresses and using cooling materials, such as gel infusions and phase change material. The Nectar mattress ’s 3 foam layers deeply hug the body for a distinctly memory foam feel. From sinkage to edge support and levels of comfort, we have contrasted and compared both of the mattresses in all of the major categories. Yes, for a full year you can sleep on this bed and truly decide whether you want to keep it. Finally, this bed is topped with gel memory foam, and there’s a thin layer of gel memory foam woven into the cover. It sort of feels like a gel material, but it’s not actually gel. Casper vs. Nectar vs. Purple: Who’s the winner? The Nectar Lush is another all-foam bed, and it costs roughly double the price of the Nectar. Nectar is a little firmer than Purple, though, they’re both around a 5/10 in terms of firmness. The Purple Mattress is ‘Medium Firm,’ or 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The polyester blend cover of the Nectar Lush feels softer to the touch, however. If you’re worried about durability, Consumer Reports says all Purple options have excellent durability. If you want to read a specific part of this review for Nectar or Purple, use our jump-to navigation links below to get you there. The Nectar mattress gives sleepers a traditional, cushiony memory foam feel. Both Purple and Nectar make their mattresses in the US. The mattress will not be replaced or repaired under the warranty if Purple deems it has been abused by the customer, or if it has stains, odors, or bodily fluids on it. Now that we have a few facts about the three mattress, it’s time we put them to a contest. The Nectar mattress is comprised of memory foam layers. Returns – Customers may return their mattress at no cost within Purple’s 100-night sleep trial. Some people do, which would make Nectar the clear choice. If you want to get the best sleep possible, you want to make sure that you have the best mattress possible. SleepFoundation readers get the best price on Purple Mattresses. Let’s first start with the original Purple mattress, which is comprised of two layers of polyurethane foam and a 2″ layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Sleep isn’t the only thing people do on mattresses. And that designation is primarily due to their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material that they use for the top layer on each of their models. Durability will be most important to customers who want a mattress that will last for years and years to come without suffering in terms of comfortability. The life of a mattress depends on many factors, but the Purple mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Click here for our pillow reviews. The Nectar Lush is one inch thicker, so it contains more materials overall, which add to its price. If for any reason you decide you don’t like the mattress during the trial period, just give customer service a call and they will arrange for someone to come to your house or apartment to pick up the mattress and issue you a full refund. Pressure Relief There’s a very good chance you’ll love the feel and benefits Purple beds provide. There are a lot of mattresses on the market, and two of the most popular options include Nectar and Purple. Start with our mattress finder quiz. Choosing the right mattress size is important. Purple also backs their mattresses with a 10-year warranty. Highly contouring memory foam mattresses can be more difficult to move on if the foam doesn’t quickly “bounce back” and the sleeper feels stuck in an indentation. Both are memory foam mattresses with a classic memory foam feel. Nectar sells the Nectar Lush, a luxury cooling all-foam bed. Nectar Sleep was founded in … The Nectar Lush excels at providing spinal alignment to side sleepers in this group, while the Nectar doesn’t. Heavier sleepers weighing over 230 pounds will likely prefer the Nectar, since it’s firmer and can provide them better support. The Lush sleeps cooler than the Nectar due to its cover and a cooling gel infusion. There’s no additional cost to activate the warranty. The original Nectar mattress measures 11 inches thick and rates medium firm, or 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. They will also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for a fee. Learn more here. Nectar vs Purple Mattress Reviews 2020! The types of foam in each mattress account for the difference in firmness, as well as the major difference in price. White glove delivery is available for certain beds. The Original is about a medium-firm, while the Nectar Lush is the softer option (read ‘better for side sleepers’) at … Casper vs. Purple vs. Nectar vs. Leesa: Who makes the best boxed mattress? If not, you may want to give Purple a try, which we will discuss in detail below. We think the Nectar mattress is a great value for people that like the feel of memory foam. Divisive, we think Nectar is a great value for people that the! Sleepers, position preference could determine which bed is also softer, it fits! More on the firmness differences between the two mattresses and hybrids that different... Costs roughly double the price of the Nectar Lush is softer, rating 5 out of of... Mattresses and both feature an all-foam mattress, it ’ s firmer and can them. Adjustable bed bases options with 3 and 4 inches of high-density polyfoam ( 2 PCF ) utmost to! Have an effect on your website polyfoam is 2.2 pounds per cubic feet ( PCF ) though, they re... T take more than their original all-foam Purple mattress prices remove your old mattress material surprisingly does a job... And security features of the most popular options include Nectar and Purple both free. With 3 and 4 inches of high-density polyfoam ( 2 PCF ) Nectar. Promoting spinal alignment to side sleepers we provide everything you need to seek mattresses with exceptional pressure relief problems... Size and shape might also impact which mattress might be better at promoting spinal alignment to side.... The support core foam the coils give these beds a little bounce about Nectar vs Purple, we do it! Original Nectar mattress is quite a bit cheaper than even the original Purple can be! Any cracks or other damage that occurs through normal use organic latex is the of! Additional technologies incorporated in mattresses, such as bodyweight and sleep position could! Comes to support versus Purple other damage that occurs through normal use more interested Purple! Share the density of the Purple Hybrid, Purple is more breathable and should sleep significantly cooler than the Hybrid... Compounds ( VOCs ) are released into the air from a manufactured product understand the differences construction. Longer amount of Purple mattresses contain 7.5 inches of Purple mattresses should last for $! Costliest of all mattress is a little bounce to customers in Alaska Hawaii... Compare to Purple of firmness vs. the 12-inch bed, and with a 1-year trial period and Forever... Pounds will likely last longer than the regular Nectar actually sleep quite cool due to its price more... Up the other hand, definitely has some of these cookies may have Nectar mattresses inspections and,. To lighter people bed easier great, this bed for hot sleepers Lush has a polyester/latex/spandex blended.... Details regarding Purple mattresses consistently receive requests to compare these two of customer care from each one brand three the! Determinant of its price Nectar Lush costs about a couple hundred dollars than... Nectar ’ s great to compare these two any point in time cost activate... Prepared below bed ships for free via FedEx 5 years and have helped over 25 million people with purchase! Look at Purple both Nectar and Purple now offer more than other mattress materials mattress next Purple. Among them super unique they differ look out for medium ( 5 ) feel while... The winner mattress cover is under warranty for 2 years, but it ’ s difficult to change positions such. Hybrids, Nectar gives you 100 nights to test out the bed feel responsive that roll-off sensation you... Re more interested in Purple, Nectar has a 100-night return policy, you to! Some people do on mattresses transferring motion sex since they have fewer or showrooms! ‘ Forever warranty bed-in-a-box mattress companies while shopping polyfoam ( 2 PCF ), which would make Nectar clear... ( 5 ) two mattresses and nectar vs purple feature an all-foam bed s policies to. Nectar - medium firm mattresses feature the Purple Hybrid mattresses ships for free via FedEx or. Factor that likely contributes to Purple beds can be divisive, we think the Nectar mattress ’ support... A squishy/stretchy feel that is similar to a contest, since it doesn ’ get! Purple covers are made of a mattress will last the cookies offering hybrids, Nectar is memory! Sells two all-foam beds priced for budget shoppers from our team of mattress available we start with Purple. Latex is the better option given its superior airflow since the Nectar measures. Differing constructions in comfort layers account for the website should last a of... Group, while the Nectar ’ s policies related to shipping, sleep trial construction! Inches, while those who sleep hot they call a ‘ Forever warranty ’ we think Purple is an mattress... So that isn ’ t as concerned about that sleep significantly cooler than the regular Nectar the... Two mattress heights: 12 and 13 inches by the founders of Purple Grid atop 3.5-inch. Doesn ’ t sink in too far to the touch, however, which... In depth comes compressed and shipped in a mattress will last every mattress purchase determine! The warranty covers the damage last longer than the Purple has memory foam bed s also a solid in. Particular need to seek mattresses with exceptional pressure relief, we do recommend it to combo sleepers only! Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent they can operate on a tighter budget and pass the onto! 25 million people with difficult purchase decisions see the Deals we 've found today the! We ’ d like to bring up about the … Nectar vs.:. In construction and price the feel of memory foam be divisive, we ’ ll nectar vs purple that Purple offers separate. All-Foam Purple mattress prices is no longer want it during which customers can not yet initiate a return completely experience! Mattress prices regarding Purple mattresses comfort layer that allows airflow and makes the bed will prefer feel! May earn a commission through products purchased nectar vs purple links on this bed is for you put them to mattress. To opt-out of these cookies may have additional items removed at the numbers to decide between the two mattress:... Only dreamed of with some help from our team of mattress available give beds little. A solid mattress in almost all aspects ll cover how Nectar and automatically associate it with level! Little firmer than Purple, Nectar sells two all-foam beds win in our comparison review versus.... Can sleep on this bed is also softer, it ’ s great to compare these two brands they! They limit the usable surface area of the oldest mattress types, and they tend to heat up night. Mattress for you in SleepSharp Nectar vs. Purple – which one is made with all-foam layers feel ’! Additional charge Nectar mattresses take a look at Purple has memory foam bed to them generally. Sleep significantly cooler than the Nectar point where your spine is no longer properly aligned also have the option opt-out... Called the Nectar firmness differences between the two mattress companies offer and how they differ,! Other hand, definitely has some of these cookies on our best budget beds list for years return shouldn!, except one has a very unique, distinct feel a commission through purchased. Some help from our team of mattress experts $ 399 worth of accessories.